Letting Go of Worry

These thoughts kind of hit home for me today.. hopefully tomorrow will be better.

An excerpt from the book:

The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie

What if we knew for certain that everything we’re worried about today will work out fine?

What if . . . we had a guarantee that the problem bothering us would be worked out in the most perfect way, and at the best possible time? Furthermore, what if we knew that three years from now we’d be grateful for that problem, and its solution?

What if . . . we knew that even our worst fear would work out for the best?

What if . . . we had a guarantee that everything that’s happening, and has happened, in our life was meant to be, planned just for us, and in our best interest?

What if . . . we had a guarantee that the people we love are experiencing exactly what they need in order to become who they’re intended to become? Further, what if we had a guarantee that others can be responsible for themselves, and we don’t have to control or take responsibility for them?

What if . . . we knew the future was going to be good, and we would have an abundance of resources and guidance to handle whatever comes our way?

What if . . . we knew everything was okay, and we didn’t have to worry about a thing? What would we do then?

We’d be free to let go and enjoy life.

Today, I will know that I don’t have to worry about anything. If I do worry, I will do it with the understanding that I am choosing to worry, and it is not necessary.

30 Day Workout Challenge

I am challenging myself to 30 days of exercise consecutively. That’s right, you read correctly! I can’t believe that I’m actually stating this out loud myself. But… here goes! This exercise regime will consist of anything, any kind of exercise to just get moving that can be done at the gym, at home or outside since the weather is still nice (well when we’re not floating away from the monsoon rainstorms we’ve been having lately here in NY). Also keep in mind you don’t need to have a gym membership to participate in some form of exercise.  How many of us have memberships we don’t use? I can definitely raise my hand. So I also wanted to lift restrictions from having to go to the gym. I saw an article from Time Magazine on how “Just 15 minutes of exercise a day may add years to your life”. I also felt inspired by a tweet from Judge Hatchett about participating in a 30 day exercise challenge. Exercise can help reduce risks associated with heart disease, diabetes and other health related illnesses that you may be susceptible to due to hereditary predispositions or poor health habits. Not only does exercise help you build strength, it also can help reduce the risks of developing cancer. So if doing some form of exercise daily can help you reduce the risks of all these things, why not do them? I constantly ask myself this question. I know that it’s good for me and I should do it. What’s holding me back? Excuses! Yes I said it! I fully admit it!

I know that I’m not as strong as I used to be and I wanted to get myself back on track to being in shape. Although different things have happened during the course of my life over the last couple years that caused me to get off track, I can acknowledge that these are just a whole bunch of excuses laden with procrastination and other fears coupled with laziness. The credo for all procrastinators is “I’ll start tomorrow”. Members of procrastinators anonymous please stand up! Research has shown that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. I want to try to push myself to go beyond the 21 days to 30 days of exercise. I see it as an opportunity to get a jump start on renewing my exercise habits.

As a caregiver, we often make a whole bunch of excuses about why we can’t take care of ourselves, so this is something that I want to do that is important to me that will allow me to be able to take care of myself. Exercise helps me to gain clarity, sharpen my mind, get centered and it has some great health benefits. Some of these benefits include improving my cardiovascular capacity and endurance, improving circulation, reducing the effects of stress, and also it helps me to purify and cleanse my system. I also benefit from a faster metabolism, which will help me burn more calories (By the way, I am not counting calories at all, but it’s nice to know that I’m burning them even when I am at rest 🙂 ). I also noticed in the past after doing some kind of exercise, even after a short while, that I have more energy! Who doesn’t need more energy? Having more energy will enable me to be able to participate and handle the daily activities and responsibilities of my regular life, which also includes all the stresses associated with caregiving, which I think is very important.

My Goal:

For this entire 30 day period, I will try to do some type of exercise each day whether it’s pushups, crunches, squats, lunges or something lengthy and more strengthening as a yoga class or Pilates, a cardio class, weight training with free weight or machines, bike riding, tennis, jogging, or doing some kind of walking for an extended period of time. I hope to do some type of exercise on a daily basis just to get my mind and body in alignment and focused.

Stay tuned for more!

Are you a caregiver?

Have you done any of the following?

  • Guiding your mom in paying her monthly bills
  • Cleaning your grandfather’s house
  • Taking your neighbor grocery shopping
  • Helping your husband get dressed every morning
  • Cooking dinner for your dad
  • Checking-in with your aunt with a daily phone call
  • Managing your grandmother’s medication regime of 8 pills taken throughout the day and a daily shot of insulin

Or doing a million and one other things to help someone who can’t manage to do all the things one must do on their own then…  You are a caregiver!

The informal caregiver

Caregivers come in all forms. You may be a caregiver and not know it. It starts off slowly as you help with errands such as going to the grocery store, shopping trips, a run to the bank or sometimes dropping off a meal. Perhaps you stop by now and again to help clean the home of an elderly relative, neighbor, or friend. You become the friendly face that shows that touch of kindness that often is needed by that person.

Who is the Caregiver?

Caregivers basically help others with everyday tasks ranging from grocery shopping or driving someone to a medical appointment to taking care of someone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Caregivers are husbands, wives, partners, daughters, sons, other relatives, friends, neighbors, a grandparent caring for a grandchild, parents caring for a child with special needs, a teenager helping his parents care for his grandfather, and others. A caregiver is anyone who is helping someone they care about – maybe its an older person who has chronic health conditions or an adult with a disability — with everyday tasks of living. It doesn’t matter what it is, how frequently it is done or how long it takes to do it; if they live with the person they are helping, live in the same neighborhood, live in a nearby city or across the country.

A caregiver provides the help because they want to, because they feel a sense of obligation and responsibility. They care about the person and want to do what they can to help.

Research shows that caregivers need to take care of themselves first so they can remain healthy and able to continue their caregiving roles.

Put on your oxygen mask

If this is you, know that even though all that you do may not be always appreciated, you need to know that you are doing a great thing and stay encouraged. Seek out resources, ask for help and recognize that you need to take time to take care of yourself.

If you have ever been on an airplane, the crew has instructed you – in case of emergency- to put on your oxygen mask before helping other. The same logic applies to caregiving- you can only help someone else if you are well enough to do so. You need rest, proper nutrition, exercise and socialization.

Because you do so much, you must remember to take care of you!


Ten ways to love.

As a caregiver, you are often experiencing a myriad of emotions at any given time. Try to remember to always walk and act in love. The following list references thoughts to keep in mind as you continue on this journey.

1. Listen without interrupting. (Proverbs 18)

2. Speak without accusing. (James 1:19)

3. Give without sparing. (Proverbs 21:26)

4. Pray without ceasing. (Colossians 1:9)

5. Answer without arguing. (Proverbs 17:1)

6. Share without pretending. (Ephesians 4:15)

7. Enjoy without complaint. (Philippians 2:14)

8. Trust without wavering. (1 Corinthians 13:7)

9. Forgive without punishing. (Colossians 3:13)

10. Promise without forgetting. (Proverbs 13:12)